Vehicle Engineering

Bachelor's degree programme

General information

Disciplinary areaTechnology
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Libero No limited access
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations


The degree programme in Vehicle Engineering is characterised by a strong connection with the local vehicle industry. Thanks to their broad multidisciplinary preparation, graduates in Vehicle Engineering are capable of working in many industrial sectors, even if those are not strictly related to vehicles. There is a strong global demand for vehicle engineers and the occupational levels are high.

Course content

The first part of the programme provides a basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Furthermore, right from the first year, students are provided with the necessary engineering knowledge and skills to successfully deal with general topics related to vehicle engineering such as: - mechanical design, - thermodynamics, - energy conversion systems, - fluid machines, - electrotechnics, - electric machines, - machine and mechanism dimensioning, - productive technologies, - material science. Besides traditional lectures, the course involves laboratory activities. Students are also offered the opportunity to put the acquired theory into practice by designing and building a vehicle for the “Formula Student”, a prestigious competition open to engineering students from all over the world. Students will also have the opportunity to spend a period of time abroad and get in contact with the labour market through internships in companies.

Career options

At the end of the Bachelor's degree programme, graduates become vehicle engineers and their main occupational sector is that of the vehicle and its satellite activities. Vehicle Engineering Graduates' professional profile is characterised by a solid technical and scientific foundation as well as by a wide overall vision of the vehicle system. Graduates are able to design and develop the main vehicle subsystems, taking part in the development and management of the technological processes. Besides technical and engineering competences, graduates possess a broad range of skills aimed at transferring technical content, project planning and management, and at improving their theoretical and practical skills based on a “learning by doing” approach. Graduates will be able to develop these skills within manufacturing or engineering companies. The Bachelor's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering gives students access to the established Master's Degree programme in Vehicle Engineering at the Department of Engineering “Enzo Ferrari” and to the new Master's Degree in Automotive Engineering (taught in English), as well as to the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

More information

Course Director
prof. Francesco Pellicano
tel. 059 205 6154 - fax
prof. Matteo Giacopini
tel. 059 205 6112 & - fax fax.

The course is managed by the "Enzo Ferrari" Department of Engineering