Agricultural and food sciences and technologies

Bachelor's degree programme

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Disciplinary areaLife
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Programmato Limited access, see call for applications
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
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The degree program in Food and Agricultural Science and Technology is aimed at providing the knowledge and skills necessary to gain an understanding of the agri-food industry from production to consumption. The requirements for those operating in this sector have reached such a high degree of complexity that this has produced a demand for specialized professionals with interdisciplinary competencies. For this reason, the program is divided into two areas (“Agricultural Technology” and “Food Technology”) and is designed to provide graduates in both areas with a complete vision of the production process and transformation technology. The purpose of these two branches of study is to offer a preparation aimed at meeting local needs and at permitting the acquisition of skills and knowledge which can be directly and immediately applied in any given territory which is predominantly centered on the agri-food sector. The program reflects current trends in agriculture and the food industry. Whereas at one time these sectors were unaffected by environmental issues, now they must focus on the environment, the production of organic foods to protect the health of consumers, and must be constantly open to modern technological innovations.

Course content

The program has a basic two-year curriculum in which students acquire a solid knowledge of core subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biochemistry), as well as methodological tools. The basic curriculum also includes courses in disciplines which are related to agricultural protection and production (vegetables and animals), and the economics and details of food processing. In the third year, students can specialize by choosing between two possible areas of study. The first area (“Agricultural Technology”) provides a more in-depth knowledge of problems belonging to the production side, focusing on the study of typical disciplines such as agriculture, agronomy, genetics, the eco-compatible protection of products, and the use of sustainable technological innovations. The second area (“Food Technology”) provides a deeper understanding of those subjects studied in the first two years regarding the processing of agricultural products. The study of fundamental disciplines (food engineering and microbiology) will be followed by an analysis of important production chains (products of animal origin, cereal derivatives, wine products) and of food packaging considered from the point of view of a more responsible and innovative management of food quality. The program also includes a practical training placement with approved firms or organizations, thereby providing students with a valuable opportunity for direct experience in the field.

Career options

The degree in Food and Agricultural Science and Technology offers graduates the opportunity to work in technical management and control capacities of the agri-food sector in the areas of production, conservation, and distribution. The goal of the profession is the ongoing improvement of agricultural and food products from the qualitative and economic standpoint, while also guaranteeing their sustainability and eco-compatibility. Graduates will mainly work in companies operating in the production, processing, conservation, and distribution of agricultural and food products throughout the food industry, and in those public and private bodies concerned with the analysis, quality control, and certification and investigation of agri-food products. Opportunities also exist in companies involved in the production of materials, machines and installations, ingredients, and plant-based drugs.

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Course Director
prof. Emiro Endrighi
prof. Giancarlo Manicardi

The course is managed by the Department of Life Sciences