Society and Culture / Master's degree programme
International Management

General information for the a.y. 2019-2020

Double study qualification with Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Germania)
This study qualification is recognised abroad by virtue of an agreement with the University of Bochum (Germany).

Disciplinary areaSociety and Culture
Main fields of studiesEconomics, business & management
Duration 2 years - 120 Credits
Admission Accesso Libero No limited access
Language Completely taught in English
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations


The degree program in International Management is designed to meet the growing demand of businesses and organizations for specialized graduates capable of assuming operational and managerial roles in internationalization processes. The profound changes and increasing competitiveness within international markets have led companies to hire new professionals to promote the adoption of innovative and more effective methods for dealing with emerging markets. Professionals who play an active role in these processes must possess a keen capacity for analyzing international markets, a mastery of a wide range of financial, organizational and legal skills, the ability to manage commercial policies, and a knowledge of marketing. They must also have solid communication skills in foreign languages. The openness of local and national producers to international markets, spurred by the dynamic nature of small and medium-sized industries, intensifies the need for professionals possessing innovative abilities and effective planning and operational skills to support the interchange between Italian industries and international markets.

Course content

In order to respond to the specific requirements of the job market, the degree program is subdivided into different areas of study. The first is based on methods of international market analysis and on business management tools which are employed in the process of internationalization. The second area concentrates on marketing tools to support the action of companies in international markets, with specific reference to product policies, customer portfolio management, and foreign market sales networks. The third area addresses the management and organization of company networks at the local and international level, with specific reference to outsourcing, forms of partnerships, and innovative processes. The program also deals with the analysis of industrial structures and productive systems and the way they change in order to keep up with the dynamics of international markets. Instructional methods focus on the integration of knowledge with acquired skills, encouraging a high level of interaction between professors and students. Projects abroad are an integral part of the course as well as traditional lectures, discussions with business professionals, seminars, group projects, and the opportunity to participate in study periods.

Career options

At the end of the programme, students will possess a body of knowledge and skills in Economics, the management of activities and relations with international markets, and linguistic competencies, all of which can be applied to manufacturing industries and services as well as to other organizations in Italy and abroad. This degree program leads to managerial and operational positions within companies in the commercial and marketing sectors which play a fundamental role in the internationalization processes. Depending on the courses chosen graduates will also be able to cover positions of international market and systems analysts within public and private, national and international institutions, as experts in local production systems, and as industrial analysts.

List of single courses taught in English

- Business intelligence [ credits: 6]
- Business planning [ credits: 3]
- Elementary applied econometrics for international economics [ credits: 9]
- English (advanced) [ credits: 9]
- Industrial economics [ credits: 6]
- International contract law [ credits: 6]
- International trade theory and policy [ credits: 6]
- Internationalization strategies [ credits: 9]
- Managing B2B relationships in industrial markets [ credits: 6]
- Statistical learning and prediction from data [ credits: 6]
- Strategy and innovation [ credits: 9]
- Trade marketing and sales management [ credits: 9]

More information

Course Director
prof.ssa Elisa Martinelli
dott.ssa Lara Liverani

The course is managed by the Marco Biagi Department of Economics