On Line Evaluation procedure for the academic year 2016-2017

Master's degree programmes taught in English

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia offers four Master's degree programmes taught entirely in English..

Students wishing to enrol in a Master's degree programme should apply for a preliminary online evaluation to check if they meet the academic requirements.

Entry requirements to each master's degree are specified in the Call for applications.

Read below for more details:

The online evaluation procedure is simple:

  1. Scan your documents. Please ensure that all the necessary documents are included. Please find out what is required in the call for applications related to the master's programme.
  2. Go to the student administration web site (www.esse3.unimore.it) and choose "Registration" in the left-hand section.
    Fill in your personal data. Your personal username and password will be created.
  3. Log in and select Application for evaluation in the left section.
  4. Include your qualifications and attach all the scanned documents outlined in the link above. When you select "Save the data" and "Submit", your application is complete and a Commission appointed by the Department will assess it.
    Until you press the "Save the data" and the "Submit" buttons, you can change attachments and your personal information. However, your application will not be finalised and the Commission will not be able to proceed with the assessment of your application until you "Save the data" and "Submit".
  5. The Commission will evaluate if you have all the requirements necessary for enrolment.
    Applicants can find out the outcome of their application by logging to: www.unimore.it/bandi/StuLau-esiti.html
  6. If the result of the evaluation procedure is ADMITTED, you can enroll - starting from 18th July 2016 - by supplying all the required documents to the Registrar's Office (Segreteria studenti).
  7. For further information, please write to: informastudenti@unimore.it
    In case of technical problems, please write to webhelp@unimore.it