Variazione linguistica e comunicazione

This course is part of the degree programme in Advertising, digital communication and creative business processes

General information

CourseVariazione linguistica e comunicazione
Credits 6
Professor prof. Cristina GUARDIANO

Brief content description

This course ("Language Variation") explores instances of structural variation in language. We will discuss the universal structure of human language, and describe how variation across and within actual languages is studied by professional linguists. Students will learn how to analyze specific syntactic structures in different language varieties, will become familiar with the sectorial variety associated to the scientific study of language(s), and learn how to use it. They will learn how to explore the actual complexity of the structure of human languages by observing and describing real language data, and will develop awareness of language variation and learn to identify, describe and analyze the peculiarities of different language varieties. The course will be taught entirely in English. Classes, readings and exams will be given (and taken) in English only. All the information about this course will be also given in English only. Basic knowledge of the English language (listening, reading, writing) is thus required.

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