Metodi quantitativi per la finanza

This course is part of the degree programme in Financial analysis, consulting and management

General information

CourseMetodi quantitativi per la finanza
Credits 10
Professor prof. Francesco PATTARIN

Brief content description

The courses of Quantitative Methods (QM) and Quantitative Methods for Finance (QMF) are aimed to develop the knowledge and the ability to use the quantitative tools required by economic and financial analysis. The course of QM, which coincide with the first part of QMF, is devoted to the presentation of a number of mathematical tools which are essential to the sequel of the course. As for the second part of QMF, students are expected to learn the main econometric methods and techniques for data analysis in finance, in both the cross-section and the time-series settings. The course main goal is to teach students how to carry-out their own empirical analysis and how to read and understand them. To this end, students are also expected to learn how to make econometric analyses using the R software.

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