Business Process Engineering

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CourseBusiness Process Engineering
Credits 12

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This course is aimed at building the competences necessary to design and manage business process engineering projects in complex contexts (e.g. characterized by geographic distribution, cultural differences, work ambiguity). The course will apply the design thinking approach and will focus on three key distinct, but intertwined, issues: 1. Design and management of complex teams; 2. Data collection and analysis methods for a deep understanding of organizations; 3. Tools for organizational design. More specifically, the learning objectives expected at the end of the course and after the final exam - with reference to the Dublin descriptors- are: Knowledge and comprehension capabilities: - Knowledge and comprehension of the main characteristics of complex work arrangements in different work settings and organizations, and the tools to design and manage distributed teams, with special attention to the choice and use of collaborative technologies; - Knowledge and comprehension of the theoretical background and applied tools of process oriented organizational analysis and design; - Knowledge and comprehension of the main process modeling and simulation tools and techniques. Capability to apply knowledge: - capability to design and work in organizational configurations characterized by high levels of complexity (e.g. distributed teams) - capability to analyze organizational contexts with tools that guarantee a rich comprehension of operational and social processes - capability to choose and use different methods and tools when redesigning organizational processes.

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