Advanced Quantum Mechanics

This course is part of the degree programme in Physics

General information

CourseAdvanced Quantum Mechanics
Credits 6
Professor prof. Carlo Maria BERTONI

Brief content description

Knowledge and Understanding. At the end of the course the student will own the basic elements of quantum mechanics; the dynamics (evolution operator and its expansion); the perturbation theory; the operator algebra in the number representation; the path-inetegral method; the formalism of second quantization for many-body systems (bosons and fermions); basic elements of group theory and the use of symmetry; the relativistic wave equations with elements of field theory; some more advanced topics. Applying Knowledge and Understanding. The gained knowledge must allow the reading of more advanced textbooks and to solve basic problems in quantum physics with the appropriate mathematical tools. Making judgements. The student should own, at the end of the course, the ability to use and to choose the methods to solve problems in atomic physics, in molecular physics, in nuclear physics and condensed matter science with the appropriate tools (exact methods or perturbation theory, operator algebra, group theory,...). Communicating Skills. To learn and to present the description of physical problems with the language and the methods of quantum mechanics. Learning Skills. The student, with this course, will be able to read, discuss and more deeply understand the subjects in theoretical physics in different fields, as required by an activity of consulting, research and technological applications in the field of modern physics.

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