Dynamics of Complex Systems

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CourseDynamics of Complex Systems
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Complex Systems Science deals with organizational principles in systems whose elements interact in a nonlinear way. Some behaviours are influenced by the interactions more than by the microscopic features of the elements, and this allows one to use in a rigorous way similar concepts in different disciplines, like physics, chemistry, biology, social sciences and artificial systems science. Complex Systems Science provides an approach that should be regarded as complementary, rather than alternative to those of the single disciplines, and it has already achieved remarkable results. Several international research projects deal with the study of complex systems. The student will learn the main concepts of Complex Systems Science, she will know the main mathematical and computational methods and she will be able to read part of the present-day scientific literature. The Course mainly deals with concepts and methods, but some important applications will also be considered (dynamics of gene regulatory networks, learning artificial systems, protocells)

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