Statistical learning and prediction from data

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CourseStatistical learning and prediction from data
Credits 6

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The course focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills for conducting ethical, well-designed, survey-based research in economics and social sciences. The theory and practice of survey-based research is covered, starting with how to ask a research question, through survey design, sampling, data entry and analysis in excel, and interpreting and communicating results. Students are introduced to fundamental concepts and statistical procedures used in social and economical work research. The course also introduces students to computer applications for data analysis and helps them develop basic skills in data file construction and manipulation, data definition and statistical analysis. The primary focus of the course is on developing a conceptual and mathematical understanding of statistics needed for advanced work in research design, model development, model fitting and estimation, multivariate techniques and interpretation of data. The course will begin with basic statistical concepts such as central tendency, variability, sampling distributions, statistical significance, probability, normal curve, standardized scores, hypothesis testing, statistical inference. Then, specific parametric and non-parametric statistical procedures will be introduced including correlation and regression, chi-square and other non-parametric statistical procedures.

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