English language mediation and translation

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CourseEnglish language mediation and translation
Credits 9

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The course aims are: 1) developing advanced interaction skills and cross-cultural mediation skills in situations requiring both English and Italian in business and institutional settings: 1a) improving spoken and written communicative skills, by developing awareness of interactional dynanics in spoken interaction and textual dynamics in a range of written contexts; 1b)developing awareness of cultural difference and of language strategies facilitating cross-cultural communication in a range of institutional settings (e.g business and corporate discourse) 2) introducing features of specialized translation in business and institutional settings, developing the ability to assess, synthesize and transfer specialised texts: 2a) presenting an overview of the main issues connected to translation as re-creation of texts in a Target language (TL), introducing the most common transfer techniques, with special reference to those most frequently adopted in transfer from English to Italian; 2b) developing skills in the use of dictionaries and other resources (corpora, terminological data bases etc.)

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