Marketing and business organization

Bachelor's degree programme

General information

Disciplinary areaSocial Sciences and Humanities
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Libero No limited access
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations


The degree in Marketing and Business Organization is designed to meet the growing need for new professionals capable of combining business and marketing skills with a knowledge of the organization of company activities, the integration of new information technology, and the management of internal and external communications. In the area of national and international relations, large, small, and medium-sized enterprises are showing an increasing interest in professionals with new managerial abilities who are proficient in new information and communication technology and are able to keep up with the continuous organizational restructuring demanded in a highly competitive environment. Innovation and continuous updating of the content of our courses are combined with a choice of instructional methods aimed at encouraging personal interaction and communication.

Course content

The course is divided into four main areas of study. The first concentrates on the tools essential for the analysis and monitoring of client relations in the context of local and international competition. These include product strategies, pricing policies, and the management of sales networks. The second area focuses on organizational models relevant for the coordination of company activities and relations between economic and institutional agents. The third area deals with the institutional organization and management of human resources, with constant reference to new information and communication technologies and the regulations governing them. the fourth area provides an in-depth study of marketing strategies and policies and of business communication, with particular reference to modern large retail organizations. Students can also choose among (courses/modules) which focus on the principal approaches to the study of organizational structures and processes, and the role of new information technology relating to communication within companies and with relevant markets. The degree course is structured with: - lectures and seminars, - workshops and traineeships (aimed to apply the acquired knowledge). Moreover, students have at their disposal a recorded version of each lecture right after its execution, through ONELab services. Thanks to One Lab services, they can also reach professors by on- line colloquium.

Career options

The program leads to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the areas of economics, marketing, and human resources management and communication, thereby preparing graduates for various management roles in small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in large for profit and non-profit organizations. The knowledge acquired can also be applied in the field of management communication for public bodies. Finally, the theoretical and practical preparation in the analysis and monitoring of markets prepares graduates to work with companies in operational roles for the collection and processing of data, as well as in managing projects.

After the degree

The course allows to graduates to directly access to the following Second-Cycle Degree Program: Management and business communication Economics and law in business and public administration

More information

Course Director
prof. Paolo Di Toma
dott.ssa Veronica Gabrielli

The course is managed by the Department of Communication and Economics