Italian Language Test

If you are a non-EU student residing abroad you must sit an Italian language test in order to be admitted to any degree programmes at Unimore.

Students who are in any of the categories on the list are exempted from taking the Italian language test.

This year (2017/2018) the italian language test will take place on 1st September 2017.
Unimore will notify the Italian Embassies/Consulates, where students completed their pre-enrolment, of the time and location of the test.

Students wishing to enrol in the following degree programmes can also teke the test remotely before 1st September.

On the day test a valid passport is required for admission to the test (also in the case of a remote test). Students successfully passing the Italian language test will then be able to sit the entrance exams or assessments relevant to the specifc entry requirements of their chosen course, or if there are none set, they will be able to enrol from 17 July 2017.