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Information for incoming students

Every year Unimore welcomes over 250 students from partner institutions. If you wish to study at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia as an Erasmus student, you should first verify with your Home Institution if a bilateral agreement with our University exists.
We can only consider students from Institutions with which we have a current bilateral agreement in the relevant subject area.

Once we have received your nomination from your Erasmus Coordinator or international office and/or ERASMUS office, you will be sent a password and username to access the online application form to be completed within a date we will inform you on.

Prior to arrival at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Student should send their scanned copy of the learning agreement (duly signed by the student and the Home Institution) and the transcript of records (issued by the Home University) to the following e-mail address: within a date the Unimore International Relations and Students Mobility Office will inform them on.
The International Relations and Students Mobility Office will send the Learning agreement to the Erasmus Coordinator for approval.

Once approved, the International Relations and Students Mobility Office will then notify the student's home university by email.

During the exchange period

Changes on the Learning Agreement
if you need to make some changes to your Learning Agreement during your stay, you must ask the Erasmus Coordinator of the Department you are enrolled in to validate it. Once approved, please bring the document signed by you as well to the Students Mobility Office, then we will send a scanned copy to your Home University. This must be signed and returned to us.
Course choice
You can ONLY attend the courses offered by the Department you have been enrolled in. If you wish to attend a course that is offered by another Department, you have to talk with your Erasmus Coordinator in Italy. S/He will then ask the other Department for the authorization.
Exam registration
It is compulsory to register for exams before taking them, otherwise they will not be displayed on your Transcript of Records. Please follow the procedure in the Registration Guide for Incoming Students. If you are not able to register on Esse3, please contact the Erasmus and/or the Didactic Coordinator of your Department.
Extension of stay
If you wish to extend your period of stay, first of all you must ask both your Home University and the Italian Erasmus Coordinator. After their approval, your Home University and the Italian Erasmus Coordinator must inform us of their approval by email. Once the extension has been confirmed by both the Universities, you are formally accepted for a longer period and you can proceed with the changes to the Learning Agreement.

At the end of the period spent at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The transcript of records will be issued and given to the student at his/her departure time or within one month from his/her departure.

IMPORTANT: the Transcript of Records may not be ready before your departure; it could take a few weeks to receive it depending on the date you took your last exam. We will send a scanned copy to your Home University and to you as soon as all the exams have been registered. A hard copy of the document will be sent to your Home University by standard post.

Deadline details

Notice for Partner Universities: Student nominations must be sent by the Erasmus Coordinator/International Office/Erasmus Office to: by:

  • May 30th 2016 for the 1st semester, whole academic year
  • September 30th 2016 for the 2nd semester: students who have been nominated for the second semester will receive information about the application deadlines approximately in September/October 2016

As the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia has now an on-line Application Form, we need to know these further details for each of your nominated students

  • NAME
  • DATE OF BIRTH (dd/mm/yy)
  • FIELD OF STUDY (please indicate ISCED code)
  • STUDY CYCLE (please indicate 1st- 2nd -3rd )
  • SEMESTER OF STUDY (please indicate 1st semester- 2nd semester- full academic year)
  • Student's email address
  • your Home Institution covers your students for the "PUBLIC LIABILITY TOWARDS THIRD PARTIES" (*) for personal injury and material damage for which it is held liable;
  • your Home Institution provides the "INJURY" (*), a policy insuring against injury whilst on a study trip or internship at a worldwide level.
  • (*) Should you not have these insurance policies, your students can underwrite them on their arrival in Modena/Reggio Emilia. The "PUBLIC LIABILITY TOWARDS THIRD PARTIES" costs € 2,95 (validity 01/04/2016-31/03/2017); the "INJURY" costs € 2,31 (validity 01/04/2016-31/03/2017).

In order to avoid misunderstanding with your Outgoing students, we strongly recommend you to inform them at which Campus (Modena or Reggio Emilia) they should attend the courses - according to the field of study you have signed the bilateral agreement with our Departments.

Registration Guide for incoming students

Before starting the on-line application form, please read carefully the complete version of the
- Registration Guide for Incoming students (full version)
- Short version

Italian Language Courses

Information about Italian Language Courses provided by CLA Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (Linguistic Centre).

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