Botanical Garden
Orto Botanico

AddressModena - viale Caduti in Guerra, 127
phone+39 059 205 6000/6011
Coordinatorprof.ssa Marta Mazzanti
Admission free during opening time. Guided tours on demand.


The Botanical Garden was founded in 1758 at the behest of Duke Francis III of Este, who dedicated a section of the Ducal Gardens to the cultivation of medicinal plants. This activity grew in importance after 1772 when the teaching of Botany started. The ground was then divided into plots and an irrigation tank created. Further development took place , first under Filippo Re (1814-17) and later under Giovanni De’ Brignoli di Brunnhof (1818-1885), who was responsible for the central section between the two glass houses. In the first half of the last century Giovanni Battista de Toni oversaw the creation of Francesco Baglietto’s lichen display considerably adding to the existing collection.

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