Diritto delle relazioni industriali

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CourseDiritto delle relazioni industriali
Credits 9

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The course aims at investigating industrial relations ssues through a practical analysis of the main contractual arrangements currently in place. The first lesson is introductory in order to explain not only the object of the course but also the teaching method characterized by innovation, use of technology, constant interaction with the teacher and teamwork. Starting from the construction of the curriculum vitae of each student, we explain the concept of employability as a means to change the reading of the work and its rules. The cv information allows students to outline work experiences, tasks and professions in order to identify all types of employment contracts. We start from life students experiences for outlining bases of labour law and especially industrial relations system. This method, especially with comparative research, starts in Italy thanks to Marco Biagi idea. The course helps the acquisition and / or development of professional and soft skills useful to increase the curriculum of students and their future professions.

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