Medical Law

This course is part of the degree programme in Law

General information

CourseMedical Law
Credits 6
Professor prof. Vincenzo PACILLO

Brief content description

1. Developing students’ abilities to analyze and comprehend the human rights within the health care systems 2. Strengthening students’ abilities to understand contemporary challenges to rights within health care 3. Encouraging analytical skills and critical reflections on relevant judicial cases with special emphasis on conflicting interests such as sanctity of life and personal autonomy, allocation of resources (justice) and the concept of liberty 4. Providing comparative analyses of legal cases and texts that students cite and bring from their domestic jurisprudence 5. Familiarizing students with major international and regional instruments of human rights in health care 6. Strengthening students’ abilities to analyze issues in a policy relevant manner and, thus, enabling them to devise regulatory strategies and policies for handing patients’ rights

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