Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

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via del Pozzo, 71
41124 - Modena (Italy)

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Prof. Antonello Pietrangelo


The "mission" of the Department is to study the molecular basis and pathogenic mechanisms of complex diseases with a high clinical and epidemiological impact, such as inherited metabolic disorders as well as infectious, hematologic, oncologic, degenerative, and inflammatory-chronic diseases, maternal and perinatal conditions, developmental and adult developmental disorders, in order to:
1) implement programmes of molecular diagnostics and advanced genetic, immunological and radiological images;
2) develop new therapeutic interventions based on gene manipulation techniques, cell therapy, surgical robotics and computer-assisted surgery, orthopedic and reconstructive plastic and cutting-edge drug therapies directed toward specific molecular targets;
3) develop new multidisciplinary approaches for the treatment of diseases of the cranial base, with particular reference to endoscopic surgical techniques;
4) implement integrated multidisciplinary training models, both at pre-and post-graduate level, to develop firstly a strong culture of internal medicine and general surgery, and secondly a specialised culture oriented towards innovation and transferability of new clinical biological knowledge and interdisciplinarity.

Degree Courses for the a.y. 2022-2023

The educational activities of Medical Area Departments are managed by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

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