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Diploma Supplement

UNIMORE issues a diploma supplement to its graduates

The diploma supplement is an official statement that a student receives upon completion of his/her studies at an institute of higher education within Europe.
The diploma supplement model was developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

It is designed to provide sufficient independent data to improve the international transparency and fair academic and professional recognition of qualifications (i.e., certificates, diplomas, degrees).
The diploma supplement has been adopted by all European countries taking part in the Bologna Process. It is written in both Italian and English, and it lists all of the information concerning a student's academic programme. More specifically, it offers a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies undertaken and successfully completed by the student.

The diploma supplement is divided into the following eight sections:

  1. Information Identifying the Holder of the Qualification
  2. Information Identifying the Qualification
  3. Information on the Level of the Qualification
  4. Information on the Contents and Results Gained
  5. Information on the Function of the Qualification
  6. Additional Information
  7. Certification of the Supplement
  8. Information on the National Higher Education System.

It should be free from any value judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition. Information should be provided for all eight of its sections, and where it is not, an explanation should give the reason why.

The diploma supplement is issued to graduates who specifically request it from the Office of Students Affairs of their respective Departments. It is exempt from the stamp tax.

It is an important document to have for those wishing to take advantage of study opportunities both nationally and internationally within the framework of student mobility programs. It is also useful for those intending to enter the workforce.