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Alias Career

A tool for inclusion

With its 26 April 2016 Resolutions and subsequent approval of the 13 July 2021 Regulations, the Academic Senate has provided for the adoption of suitable measures to protect students who have started a path of gender change to guarantee them a peaceful study environment in which interpersonal relationships are characterised by mutual respect for individual freedom and inviolability of the person as required by law no. 164 of April 14, 1982.


How to apply

You can apply at any time after enrolment by completing a confidentiality agreement with the University.

For further information or support, please contact:
Romina Agnolin
Student Services Office - via Università 4, Modena
Phone: +39 059 205 7092

Your safeguards

After signing the agreement, the Registrar's Office will:

  • issue a new Student Card with an updated photo and your alias as indicated in your request
  • change your personal name to your alias in your Unimore e-mail account as well as on the "Dolly" portal used by students and professors.
  • enter your alias into ESSE3 for your on-line exam booking with the required name.

The confidential agreement is valid only within the Unimore. If you wish to carry out activities outside Unimore (e.g., internships, participation in international mobility programmes), the administration may want to inform any external contacts possibly involved in the request about your agreement with Unimore and may propose its application to any of the above-mentioned circumstances. Remember that the certifications issued by the University for external use will only refer to your legally recognised personal identity.