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UNIMORE welcomes all of you and it’s happy to introduce a project dedicated to Prospective International Students, enrolling to our university from all over the world.

UNIMORE: it's time to explore

The aim of this project is to give you the main information about our services for international students and we will give you contact information of the main offices for questions or support.

The online meetings are scheduled to support your arrival at UNIMORE. During the sessions, information will be provided about services for international students and we will give you contact info of the main offices to let you ask your questions or ask for support. We will also share a summary which contains precious information (e.g. scholarships application, online application procedure, services aimed at international students).

Please note that every meeting will offer the same information. You don’t need to attend all the meetings, one will be enough to have the information you need.

Please notice that the meetings will take place in English and will not be one-on-one interviews.Moreover we will do our best to answer all your questions at the end of the presentation.

We are happy to welcome you and hope to see you there!

Upcoming meetings

You can check the documents needed to apply for scholarship and fee reduction by reading "Required Documents" section at the link: