Welcome Office for Disabled Students

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is sensitive to the issue of disability and has started up a welcome office for disabled students which aims at:

  1. Giving assistance to disabled students from the moment they enrol up to the end of their course of study;
  2. Promoting the integration of disabled students at university;
  3. Improving their active participation in their educational experience;
  4. Providing tools and services capable of removing obstacles that make access to university facilities and attendance to classes difficult;
  5. Improving the relationship between disabled students and teachers;
  6. Arranging targeted forms of assistance on the basis of the different typologies and levels of disability and the individual students' learning needs;
  7. Guiding and giving support to disabled students in their progression from secondary school to university and from university to working life;
  8. Providing the necessary information concerning enrolment, benefits (partial or total exemption from fees, scholarships, specially equipped lodgings, catering services etc.) and, generally speaking, the simplification of all administrative paperwork;
  9. Planning personalised forms of assistance so as enable students to obtain good results in their study;
  10. Monitoring the course of study of disabled students by means of regular, personal contacts.

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia provides benefits and services to all disabled students who can produce a medical report attesting their disability, and enables them to attend university and take examinations following procedures that can accommodate their disability.

You can find a Welcome Office for Disabled Students both in Modena (Via Vignolese 671), and Reggio Emilia (Via Fogliani 1).
Appointments can be made via email at disabilita@unimore.it.