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Support Office for students with disabilities and Specific Learnig Disorders

Modena and Reggio Emilia University, sensitive to the issue of disability, has activated a reception office for students with disabilities and SLD that aims to:

  1. Provide assistance to students from enrollment until the end of their course of study;
  2. Promote the integration of students at the university;
  3. Enhance their active participation in the educational experience;
  4. Provide tools and services that can remove obstacles that make difficult to access university facilities and attend classes;
  5. Improve the relationship between students and teachers;
  6. Arrange targeted forms of assistance based on the different types and levels of difficulties and the learning needs of individual students;
  7. Orient and support students in the transition from secondary school to university and from university to working life;
  8. Provide the information needed for enrollment, benefits (partial or total fee waivers, scholarships, equipped housing, food services, etc.), and other services; and plan personalized forms of assistance to enable students to achieve good results in study;
  9. Monitor the study path of students through regular and personal contacts.

Modena and Reggio Emilia University provides benefits and services to all students with disabilities and with SLD who have a medical certificate attesting their disability, enabling them to attend university and take exams according to modalities that take into account their needs.

Support Office for students with disabilities and SLD is located both in Modena (Via Vignolese 671/a) and Reggio Emilia (Via Allegri 13). Appointments can be scheduled by e-mail at: