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Computer services

Wireless Access to the University Network

Throughout the university there are designated "hot spots" where students can connect to the wireless network with their portable computers and devices.
For more information please refer to a member of staff.

E-Mail Service for Students

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia offers a free e-mail service to students regularly enrolled at the university. As of June 2009, this service is provided through the Google Apps Education suite.
For more information please go to studenti@unimore.

On-Line ESSE3 Platform

The Office of Student Affairs provides Internet-based services via the ESSE3 platform. Students can complete pre-registration procedures, check their administrative status, or sign up for their examinations through this platform.
For more information please go to the ESSE3 Platform.

Computer Facilities

There are a variety of computer facilities available to students within the different departments and libraries of the university. The computers are primarily intended for study purposes.
To learn more about how to access the computer facilities please refer to a member of staff.


The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia's computer services are managed by

Sistemi Informatici Rete e Sistemi (Information Technology Systems)
Servizi Informatici Applicativi (Applied Information Services)