Student Visas

Students from European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU) countries

According to decree nr. 30 of February 6th 2007 (regarding the "Application of the Directive 2004/38/CE about the right of EU citizens and their relatives to circulate and reside freely in member states) which took effect from April 11th 2007, students from EEA and EU countries are allowed to move without restrictions throughout Italy without applying for a stay permit.

Therefore, if your study period in Italy is longer than 3 months and does not exceed 12 months, you have to register in the "Registro temporaneo dei cittadini EU" at the General Registry Office "Anagrafe" in your Municipality.

If your study period in Italy is longer than 12 months, you have to register at the "Anagrafe della popolazione residente" at the General Registry Office "Anagrafe" in your Municipality, which will imply the change of your permanent address ("residenza") from your country to Italy.

To register at the General Registry Office "Anagrafe" you will need the following documents:

  • passport or identity card;
  • a photocopy of your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or private health insurance;
  • proof of registration at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (from the "Segreteria Studenti" Registrar's Office of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
  • "Dichiarazione di ospitalit√†" (residence agreement) from the University Residence Hall or a photocopy of the "contratto di locazione" (lease contract) in the case of private accommodation;
  • documented proof that you have sufficient funds to cover living expenses (e.g. photocopy of bank statements, grants, scholarships, financial support from your family)

To submit the request please refer to General Registry Office "Anagrafe":
Servizi Anagrafe del comune di Modena
Servizi Anagrafe del comune di Reggio Emilia

Non-EU students

Non-EU citizens intending to enter in Italy for study purposes must submit their visa application and the relevant documents to the Italian Diplomatic Authorities.
The visa procedure might slightly change depending on the Embassy/Consulate, however, you always have to specify the reason and duration of your stay as well as the invitation letter (Exchange Students) or the pre-enrollment procedure (Degree-Seeking Students), accommodation, health coverage and the proof of adequate economic means.

Within 8 working days from the date of the arrival in Italy, non EU students must request a Permit to Stay.
To submit the request of the Permit to Stay you need a "kit permesso di soggiorno", available at Unimore's International Welcome Desk or at any Post Office, that must be filled in and integrated as follows:
- Form 1 ("Modulo 1") in capital letters and with a black pen;
- stick a EUR 16.00 duty stamp (marca da bollo) on the top of the first page;
- payment of the EUR 30.00 fee for the release of the Residence Permit
- payment at the post office through payment slip of EUR 30.47 that you will find inside the envelope;
The duly filled-in request must then to be submitted to the Post Office that will then post it to the authorities in charge of releasing the Permit of Stay.

International Welcome Desk representatives will assist you upon your arrival with filling in forms, enclosing documents and submitting the request, guiding you step by step.

Contacts for Visa and procedures

Whether you are an EE/A EU student or an NON EU student, the International Welcome Desk will assist you during your pre-arrival and arrival procedures through qualified information and a reliable staff.
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