Health / Single cycle Master's degree programme
Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics

General information for the a.y. 2022-2023

Disciplinary areaHealth
Duration 6 years - 360 Credits
Admission Accesso Programmato Limited access, see call for applications
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations
Call for Application / Short list Bando concorsuale, per prova scritta unica, per l’ammissione ai CORSI DI LAUREA MAGISTRALE A CICLO UNICO IN - MEDICINA E CHIRURGIA (Classe LM-41) - ODONTOIATRIA E PROTESI DENTARIA (Classe LM-46) A.A. 2022/2023


The Single-cycle Master's Degree Programme in Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics aims to provide the scientific basis and the theoretical-practical preparation necessary for the practice of the dental profession, as well as the methodology and the culture necessary for the practice of continuing training. In addition to allowing the acquisition of the fundamental skills to critically detect and evaluate, from a clinical point of view and in a unitary view of self-assessment, data on the state of health and disease of the stomatognathic apparatus of the individual individual, the programme also aims to develop the ability to communicate clearly and humanely with the patient and with his/her family members, and to organise human resources.

Course content

The Degree Programme lasts six years. The first two years of the programme cover basic learning activities introducing the students to the foundations of the structural organisation and vital functions of the human body. It also includes courses dealing with the problems of the doctor-patient relationship and the understanding of the principles underlying scientific methodology. During the first two years, students learn the methods of handling patients with oral and dental problems. The following three years include the study of medical, surgical and specialist subjects, particularly referring to clinical problems linked to dental pathologies. Theoretical courses and clinical internships covering the topics of oral pathology, restorative dentistry, oral surgery, periodontology, orthodontia, paediatric dentistry and prostheses, pursue the common objective of developing skills and experience to tackle and solve the problems of oral health in terms of prevention, diagnostics, prognostics, treatment and rehabilitation. The sixth year covers exclusively teaching activities that are job-oriented and intended to teach how to treat patients suffering from odonto-stomatological issues.

Career options

Dentists work in the prevention, diagnosis and care of oral and dental diseases. They correct the alterations of development and the irregular position of teeth. In particular, they study the pathologies and congenital and acquired anomalies of the teeth and mouth and their relationship with the general state of health. They inform patients on prevention, establish the required care and implement the relative treatments. Dentists' activities consist first and foremost in the analysis of the state of health of the dental system and the patients' case history. According to this, they diagnose pathologies and define the required care. Dental care and rehabilitation involve a range of interventions, from the most common and simple, managing tooth decay, to more complex activities including dental prostheses.

After the degree

Master's Degree

More information

Course Director
dott. Luigi Generali
dott. Pierantonio Bellini

The course is managed by the Surgical, Medical and Dental Department of Morphological Sciences related to Transplant, Oncology and Regenerative Medicine