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All incoming students wishing to come to the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia must be OFFICIALLY NOMINATED by their Home Universities. Please check with your International Relations Office that a bilateral agreement has been signed for the academic year 2022-2023 between your Home Institution and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.


- Before undertaking travel to Italy, please check the rules and restrictions given by the Italian Government. For Information and guidelines about COVID emergency:

- It is the student's responsibility to underwrite a health cover that insures Covid-19 related issues.
Please, be informed that for what concerns the health policy insurance, it is possible to take out an insurance /multi-risks policy "AON STUDENT INSURANCE" provided by the UNIMORE University broker. For more detailed information and full text of the policy, see:

As the COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, we will inform you about any latest decisions taken by our Institution.

We hope to continue our fruitful co-operation and we remain at your disposal.

General Information for incoming students

UNIMORE developed strong relationships with several Universities around the world. In particular, student exchange programs have been established with some of the most prestigious Universities located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, India, South Africa, Russia.
You can attend an exchange program if your Home University already signed a Bilateral Agreement with Unimore that includes your own subject area. The length of the exchange period can be up to one year and it is determined by the Bilateral Agreement.

Application Procedures and Course catalogue

  • Once we have received your nomination from your Home University, you will receive a password and username to access the online application form within a specific deadline communicated by email.
  • Before starting the on-line application form, students must carefully read the  Registration Guide for Incoming Students
  • Course catalogue - select the a.y. 2022/23 then, according to the Department you’ll apply, you can choose the courses. In case of doubts regarding didactic matters, please get in touch with the Department Coordinator at Unimore.
  • When the on-line application procedure has been completed, please upload the following list of documents at the web page
    - Copy of your valid passport/Identity card (pdf format);
    - Copy of the Application form (signed by you) (pdf format);
    - Copy of the Learning agreement (signed by you and your Home Coordinator) (pdf format);
    - Copy of the Transcript of records (it is a certificate that lists the exams you’ve already passed, it’s issued by your Home Institution) (pdf format);
    - One Picture (passport size) (jpg format).
  • You will receive an invitation letter of your place of study if your application is successful. This will include the information you need to arrange accommodation.
  • The International Relations Office will then send the Learning agreement to the Departmental Coordinator in Italy for his/her approval.

Visa and Registration Requirements

The International Welcome Desk provides information about Visa release and Registration procedures to new applicants and to current students studying at Unimore. Information includes how to obtain a Visa for study purposes, information about your status and your legal obligations, practicalities, fiscal code, registration, accommodation, insurance cover.

» Get in touch with the International Welcome Desk

Italian Language Courses

Unimore offers a modern and efficient University Language Centre  where intensive and extensive Italian Language classes are available to all international students.

During the Mobility

  • FAQ Sheet some useful information about the most frequently asked questions divided according to topics.
  • Learning Agreement Modifications: you have to ask the Departmental Coordinator and/or International Students Advisor of your Department at Unimore. Once approved, please deliver the signed document to the International Relation Office. We will then send a scanned copy to your Home Institution where your Coordinator will have to sign it and send it back to us.
  • Courses you can attend: please be informed that you can ONLY attend the courses offered by the Department you are enrolled in. If you wish to attend a course offered by another Department, you have to talk with your Departmental Coordinator in Italy. He will then ask the other Department to provide the authorization.
  • Exam registration: it is compulsory to register to the exams before taking them, otherwise they will not be displayed on the Transcript of Records. Please follow the procedure mentioned in the Registration Guide for Incoming Students. In case you are not able to register or you can’t choose the exam on Esse3, please contact the Departmental Coordinator and/or the Didactic Coordinator of your Department.
    How to register to exams
  • Extension of your stay: if you wish to extend your period of stay, first of all you have to ask both your Home University and the Italian Erasmus+ Coordinator. After their approval, your Home University and the Italian Departmental Coordinator have to inform us by e-mail. Once the extension has been confirmed by both the Universities, you are formally accepted for a longer period and you can proceed with the changes to the Learning Agreement.

After the Mobility

The Transcript of Records will be issued and delivered to the student right before his/her departure or within one month from his/her departure. IMPORTANT: the Transcript of Records may not be ready before your departure. it could take a few weeks to receive it according to the date you took your last exam. We will send a scanned copy to your Home University and to you as soon as all the exams are registered. Then, we will send the hard copy of the document to your Home University by ordinary post.
In order to receive the Transcript of records - before the departure - it is compulsory to bring us the printed copy of the Booklet

Nominations Deadline

Important notice for Partner Universities: your students must be nominated by the International Relations Office. We kindly ask you to fill-in the downloadable file to be used for Nominations. Then, please send it by e-mail writing to: within:

  • May 31st 2022 for the 1st semester, whole academic year
  • September 30th 2022 for the 2nd semester: students who have been nominated for the second semester will receive information about the application deadlines approximately in September/October 2022

In order to avoid misunderstanding with your Outgoing students, we warmly recommend you to inform them at which Campus (Modena city or Reggio Emilia city) they should attend their courses - according to the field of study mentioned in the bilateral agreement with our Departments.

Registration Guide for Incoming Students

Before starting the on-line application form, please read carefully the complete version of the Registration Guide for Incoming students

More Information

If your students will decide to postpone, we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible. Moreover, in case they will decide to withdraw, we kindly ask you to communicate it as well.

International Relations Office
Ph. +39 059 205 6576/6578
Modena Via Università, 4 - 41121 Modena
Reggio Emilia Via Allegri, 15 - 42121 Reggio Emilia