Italian For Chinese Students

Intensive language courses

All lessons are taught by native Italian teachers with a background in Chinese and specialized in teaching Italian to Chinese learners. The courses are composed of modules covering the 4 skills of language acquisition (listening, reading, writing and speaking) paying special attention to those areas of Italian particularly problematic for a Chinese learner. Direct, in-class teaching is supplemented with modern multi-medial laboratories and a dense program of cultural activities organized around the course. A Chinese mediator is also present during the course to assist in making students feel comfortable in their new learning environment.

Courses for the "Marco Polo" and "Turandot" Programs

These programs aim to increase the number of Chinese students in Italian universities by offering them a preliminary university language course and an entry Visa. The Italian course offered by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is geared to bringing committed students to no less than a B1 level of language proficiency (according to the Common European Framework of Reference) and advanced learners entering can arrive at B2 level.
At the completion of the course, students will take a final Italian language exam and if they succeed in passing, they will be able to enroll in university courses. No further Italian language testing will be required. The University reserves a number of places each year for students admitted to the Marco Polo and Turandot programs.

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