Geophysical Observatory
Osservatorio Geofisico

AddressModena - piazza Roma, 22
Scientific managerprof. Sergio Teggi


The Astronomical Observatory was built in 1826 at the behest of Francesco IV d'Este in the eastern tower of the seventeenth-century Palazzo Ducale, where it is still housed. Professor Giuseppe Bianchi was appointed to direct the work and the most important astronomical instruments, including the transit telescope still in situ, were commissioned by the Modena astronomer and optician, Giovanni Battista Amici. Thanks to the work of Pietro Tacchini, in 1876, it became a Meteorological Observatory under the direction of Peter Ragna, who, in 1865, commissioned the first weather window. Following the research of director Ciro Chistoni it was renamed The Geophysical Observatory.

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