Anatomical Museum, Ethnographical and Anthropological Museum, Anatomical Theatre
Museo Anatomico Museo Etnografico Antropologico e Teatro Anatomico

AddressModena - via Università, 4
phone+39 059 205 7131/7129
Contact persondott. Ciro Tepedino
Currently closed for renovation and restoration


The Anatomical Museum has its origins in 1775 when Antonio Scarpa ordered the building of an Anatomical Theatre next to the Great Hospital of Sant’Agostino. After the restoration of the Este dukedom, between 1817 and 1818, the Anatomical Museum was set up in a room on the floor above the Theatre. To this, three more rooms were added between 1839 and 1853. The first room, as you enter, is given over to exhibits related to bones, the second to joints and muscles, the third to the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory and reproductive systems while the fourth contains exhibits relating to the sense organs, neurology, embryology and teratology (individual morphological abnormalities) . In 1886, Paolo Gaddi inaugurated the Ethnographic Anthropological Museum in these same rooms, to which an extra section had been added.

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