Mineralogical and Geological Museum Estense Gemma 1786
Museo Mineralogico e Geologico Estense Gemma 1786

AddressModena - largo Sant'Eufemia, 19
phone+39 059 205 5873
Contact persondott.ssa Milena Bertacchini
Free admission during opening time. Educational guided tours.


The museum contains collections from the eighteenth-century originally from the Museum of Natural History of the Royal University of Modena founded in 1786 by Duke Francesco III d'Este. This precious collection is made up of rocks, meteorites, minerals, semi-precious and precious stones, papers, documents and historical instruments and has been enriched over time. In the nineteenth century the collections were created from donations made by members of the Este family as well as from samples gathered in the research expeditions of important figures like Peter Doderlein. From the twentieth century to the present day, the Museum has extended its collection thanks to donations from citizens interested in the natural sciences and to study trips led by the department's researchers in distant lands, such as Greenland, Brazil, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.

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More information available at the web site http://www.museogemma.unimore.it