Obstetric Museum Antonio Scarpa
Museo Ostetrico Antonio Scarpa

AddressModena - via Università, 4
phone+39 059 205 7131/7129
Contact persondott. Ciro Tepedino
Currently closed for renovation and restoration.


The origin of Obstetrics Museum dates back to the university reform promoted by Duke Francesco III d'Este between 1772 and 1773 when the teaching of Anatomy was entrusted to Antonio Scarpa. Scarpa dedicated the first lesson of the 1775 academic year to Obstetrics and it was held in the new Anotomical Theatre. In an adjoining room he created the Obstetrics Museum with various exhibits including some in wax made by the Bolognese sculptor Giovan Battista Manfredini, to whom are attributed a valuable set of obstetrics-related terra-cotta exhibits, including six representing pregnant women, two showing subcutaneous anatomy and others showing fetuses in various positions inside the uterus.

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