Registrar and Student Offices

International Welcome Desk (Modena headquarters) / International Welcome Desk

via San Geminiano, 3 - 41121 Modena
phone: 059 205 8171

Opening hours / reception

monday 09:30 14:30
tuesday 09:30 14:30
wednesday 09:30 14:30
thursday 09:30 14:30
friday 09:30 14:30

Considering the current situation we guarantee you assistance and support by phone and e-mail.
Reception - online/face to face - is possible only by previous appointment


Counselling and assistance for procedures relating to the residence permit, tax code ("Codice Fiscale"), registration to the National Health Service (SSN), health insurance, opening of bank current accounts and home consultancy for international mobility students, foreign students who are enrolling or have regularly enrolled. For further information: online counselling.