Automotive Electronics Systems

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CourseAutomotive Electronics Systems
Credits 6
Professor Francesco Maria ​PUGLISI

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The course is intended to provide the tools needed to deal with all the development phases of a basic electronic system, from the specs definition to the test of the prototype. With reference to the Dublin descriptors, the objectives of the course can be summarized as follows: Acquiring knowledge and understanding: acquisition of the basic concepts of the basic circuit blocks present in modern automotive electronic systems with a particular focus on Circuits with Operational Amplifiers, Design of Signal Sources circuits, Basic Analog Filters and Non Linear Circuits, fundamentals of Signal Conditioning, ADC and DAC circuits, Basic DC/DC Converter topologies and Low Dropout Regulators, Digital logic, Basic Principles of most common automotive sensors and actuators, basic concepts about Closed Loop and Open Loop control systems in automotive. Applying knowledge and understanding: using analytical techniques, appropriate design methodologies, circuit simulators and specific development environments, the student acquires the ability to analyze and design an electronic system. Making informed judgments and choices: Ability to perform independently and according to their own experience design choices even in case of incomplete specifications; Ability to organize the development phases of a project (even complex), Ability to debug an electronic system. Communicating knowledge and understanding: Ability to present design considerations related to projects (even complex) to both specialized and non-specialized people. Capacities to continue learning: Ability to refine an effective individual/team study methodology allowing to solve practical design problems.

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