Chassis and Body Design and Manufacturing/Vehicle Virtual Design

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CourseChassis and Body Design and Manufacturing/Vehicle Virtual Design
Credits 12
Professor Alfredo LIVERANI

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The outcomes of the course are to provide the advanced knowledge, the methods and the tools useful for the correct design and verification of the chassis components. The students will learn how to tackle the design of a motorbike frame by means of both analytical and numerical FEA tools. A special focus will be put on joining methods suitable for lightweight structures (adhesives, bolts, welds). The design of some key components, such as suspension elements, will be examined in depth. At the end of the course, the students will be able to select the most appropriate structural solutions based on the product mission, taking into account both the performance targets (e.g. stiffness, weight) and the expected failure modes the product must be designed against (e.g. fatigue, wear), in the framework of the requirements set by the relevant International Standards.

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