Energy Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Advanced Vehicles

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CourseEnergy Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Advanced Vehicles
Credits 6
Professor Giorgio RIZZONI

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Objective 1 Evaluate energy consumption in road vehicles. Relate energy demand of driving cycles to fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Understand the concept and potential benefits of drivetrain hybridization strategies. Objective 2 Develop mathematical models of energy use in combustion engine and mechanical transmission subsystems and use these models in a vehicle simulator to predict fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Objective 3 Develop mathematical models of electric traction drives and energy storage systems, used in hybrid vehicles. Use these models in electric and hybrid vehicle simulators to predict energy use and CO2 emissions. Objective 4 Learn principles of energy management for hybrid electric vehicles, including mathematical methods such as Dynamic Programming, as well as real-time implementable strategies such as ECMS. Explore and improve HEV supervisory control design and energy management using a hybrid-electric vehicle simulator.

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