Organizational Forms and Design

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CourseOrganizational Forms and Design
Credits 9
Professor Ylenia CURZI

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The course offers a broad analytical perspective on the organizational choices at the three levels of the micro (i.e. the work situation most immediately involving individual workers and work teams), the meso (i.e. the structure of the organization as a whole), and the macro (i.e. the organizational solutions to manage the relationships with other organizations in the task environment) as well as on the policies/systems/practices of human resource management (HRM), with a specific interest on those used in international organizations (e.g. multinationals). The goal of the course is to increase the studentsí capabilities to understand and analyze the complex (interdisciplinary) issues associated with the abovementioned topics and to design and manage adequate organizational and HRM solutions to support the smooth functioning of enterprises, and more broadly of any kind of organization also operating in international contexts. To this end, the course will survey the basic concepts of organizational analysis; deal with the design of the organizational structure, including the network structure and other organizational solutions for managing the inter-organizational relationships. Then, it addresses a number of inter-related topics concerning the organizationsí operations in an international environment: organizational forms in the international context, the transfer of HRM practices across national borders, international assignments, and performance management/performance appraisal. Particular attention will be devoted to the analysis of the current digital transformation of work processes and organizations and its organizational implications on different levels of analysis, on performance management and performance appraisal as well as on innovative behavior.

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