English Literature (6 CFU)

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CourseEnglish Literature (6 CFU)
Credits 6
Professor Diego SAGLIA

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The course aims to provide students with historical-literary knowledge and enable them to develop advanced critical-analytical skills in relation to the British cultural environment, through specific and monographic examinations of authors, works and phenomena from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age (AA 2019- 20: the theme of vampirism in literature and the arts from the eighteenth century to the contemporary). In particular, part of the course will be dedicated to the study of aspects of literary translation relevant to the course’s main topic. In terms of learning goals, during the course the student will be invited to develop and acquire: in-depth knowledge of theoretical questions, authors, works, movements and aesthetic ideas, with the support of an updated critical bibliography; the ability to contextualise and analyze complex texts in English from both a formal and a thematic-ideological point of view; the ability to delineate research and analytical itineraries autonomously, using traditional and digital resources; the ability to formulate critical judgments based on a careful decoding of the text; communication skills in English based on the acquisition of the linguistic register and vocabulary appropriate to literary studies and to the level of linguistic competence assigned to the year of the degree to which the student belongs; the ability to independently apply the skills developed during the course to other types of text besides the literary. In addition, in line with the educational project of the Laurea Magistrale, the course aims to develop transversal skills of communication, engagement and problem-solving, in individual and group contexts, that is to help students acquire a varied and transferable skill-set applicable both to professional and non-professional situations.

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