Anglophone Literatures

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CourseAnglophone Literatures
Credits 6
Professor Gioia ANGELETTI

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The course aims to provide students with historical-literary knowledge of and enable them to develop advanced critical-analytical skills in relation to the main literary manifestations and forms from Romanticism to today that pertain to the critical and theoretical discourses of migration literature and postcolonial literatures. During the course, students will acquire: - research and analytical skills applicable to the complex manifestations of Anglophone literature and culture from the Romantic period to the present day; - in-depth knowledge of theoretical notions, authors, works, movements and aesthetic ideas central to the literature in English from the nineteenth century to nowadays, with the support of an updated critical bibliography; - the ability to contextualize and analyse complex texts in English from both a formal and a thematic-ideological perspective; - the ability to outline research projects autonomously through the deployment of traditional and digital bibliographical resources; - the ability to articulate critical judgments about complex literary and cultural phenomena based on textual close readings; - communicative skills allowing them to formulate ideas and commentaries in English in a linguistic register and lexis appropriate to literary studies, as well as corresponding to the level of language proficiency expected for the year of the Laurea Magistrale attended by students; - the autonomy to apply the skills developed during the course also to non-literary texts. In addition, in line with the educational project of the Laurea Magistrale, the course aims to develop transversal skills of communication, engagement and problem-solving, in individual and group contexts, that is to help students acquire a varied and transferable skill-set applicable both to professional and non-professional situations.

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