Motorcycle Vehicle Dynamics

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CourseMotorcycle Vehicle Dynamics
Credits 6
Professor Alberto MARTINI

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Understanding the fundamentals of motorcycle kinematics. Knowledge of the most relevant analytical approaches for studying the dynamics of motorcycles in both steady state and transient running conditions. Gain insights into the features and the behavior of the main motorcycle components and sub-assemblies, with a particular focus on the characteristics of suspension systems and tire models and how they affect the vehicle performance in terms of comfort and drivability. Understanding the fundamentals of motorcycle stability; knowledge of the tools for assessing motorcycle stability and of the techniques for experimental identification of modal parameters. Knowledge of the multibody modelling approach and tools, in order to implement simplified numerical models for stability analysis in both steady state and transient conditions, as well as to perform sensitivity analysis of the main model parameters. Use of commercial software with critical approach for simulating maneuvers, events and scenarios characterized by high non-linearity, and implementing proper control strategies. Achieving the ability of developing numerical models for assessing and optimizing the motorcycle performance.

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