Powertrain Testing, Calibration and Homologation

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CoursePowertrain Testing, Calibration and Homologation
Credits 6
Professor Nicoḷ CAVINA

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The main objective of the Course is to introduce and discuss the main aspects related to an internal combustion engine test cell, to allow the students to become familiar with such environment and its applications. An introductory part will be provided to analyze the following topics: - Main theoretical aspects regarding homologation procedures and regulations; - Main engine sensors and actuators; - Modern calibration methodologies such as Design Of Experiments; - Main experimental activities and facilities used during the engine and vehicle development process. During the course, students spend several hours in the test cell, conducting different types of tests (starting from standard power curves to calibration-oriented tests, or tests focused on combustion analysis, ...). The rest of the time is spent in the classroom/computer room, introducing the experimental activity and analyzing the data that have been acquired, with a calibration-oriented approach.

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