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Credits 6
Professor Diego TRANCANELLI

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Knowledge and Understanding. At the end of the course the student will own the elements of special and general relativity and a view on the modern attempts to reach a quantum theory of gravitation; connections to cosmology will also be treated. Applying Knowledge and Understanding. The gained knowledge must allow the reading of advanced textbooks and to use in the solution of problems the mathematical tools that are needed differential geometry of fibre bundles, topology of manifolds; partial derivative equations, connections and curvature, totoplogical charges. Making judgements. The student should own, at the end of the course, the ability to use and to choose the methods to solve problems in cosmology and tranfer also to different fields the mathematical tools developed in this theory. Communicating Skills. To learn and to present the description of physical problems with the language and the methods of general relativity e communicate the basic knowledge. Learning Skills. The student, with this course, will be able to read, discuss and more deeply understand the subjects in relativity, cosmology, topology, fibre bundles, differential geometry. They are required by the work of consulting, research and technological applications in the fields of modern physics.

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