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CourseComplex System
Credits 6
Professor Marco VILLANI

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The study of complex systems has acquired a leading role not only in scientific activities, but also in companies and organizations active on the market and in society. In the scientific field, it provides a new and complementary point of view compared to those of traditional disciplines, while in the corporate and organizational sphere it provides both fundamental conceptual tools for management in a period of rapid changes, and operational tools to decipher the dynamics of processes, markets, finance. In this field the use of IT tools is a necessary step, both to simulate complex dynamics and to analyse the results of the simulations, so it is advisable for the IT specialists to know the main elements of this new approach and to be able to dialogue with both specialists and users. Results. The study of complex systems is oriented to the research of organizational principles in systems composed of different elements interacting in a non-linear way. It has been shown that some behaviours are more influenced by the properties of interactions than by the nature of the elements of the system, and this allows to apply, with the due rigor, similar concepts and methods in different systems. At the end of the course the student: will have acquired the main concepts relating to complex systems; will know the main mathematical and computational tools of complex systems; will know the applications of the Science of Complexity.

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