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Application for tracing class lecture attendance

To ensure an orderly access to the classrooms where face-to-face lectures will be held and allow the subsequent attendance tracking, students must register their presence through an application that can be used on any Internet-connected device.

Registration refers to the same day in which it is recorded and may be submitted before going to the classroom in person.

  1. Select the classroom from the classroom list by Area and Building (only in italian) and the relevant time slot.
    NOTE: A registration must be made for each classroom/slot in which the lectures to attend are held.
  2. Enter your university credentials to access the registration procedure
  3. Confirm that you are suitable to attend (i.e. that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms)
  4. Confirm the registration by tapping on the ENTER ( ) key

At the end of the procedure, a personal daily badge will be issued and displayed. You must show the Badge (from the device screen or on hard copy) to the verification checks when entering the classroom.
The Badge contains your First and Last Name, the code of the classroom for which you have registered, an image identifying the day of issue, a progressive number representing your seat in the classroom.

The Badge is strictly personal and its validity is limited to the specific day/time slot and classroom for which it has been issued.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

  • » Can I register also in the days preceding the lecture?
    No, the application is designed to register your attendance on the same day when you access the classroom.
  • » Do I need to download an APP on my mobile?
    No, the application may be used directly through a Link.
  • » How can I retrieve the Badge issued?
    Issued BADGES may be retrieved by logging in with your university credentials
    List of latest Badges by student (in italian)
    Today’s Badge (in italian)
  • » How can I cancel a registration?
    Registrations refer to the same day in which they are entered and cannot be cancelled.
  • » What should I do if I have two lectures in two different classroom on the same day?
    You need to submit two different registrations, one for each classroom/time slot in which/when the lecture is held.