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Social Sciences and Humanities / Bachelor's degree programme
Business Administration and Management

General information for the a.y. 2024-2025

Disciplinary areaSocial Sciences and Humanities
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Programmato Limited access, see call for applications
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations
Call for applicationBando Trasferimenti per l'ammissione al II e III anno dei corsi di laurea in: ECONOMIA AZIENDALE E MANAGEMENT (CLEAM) - ECONOMIA E MARKETING INTERNAZIONALE (CLEMI) - ECONOMIA E FINANZA (CLEF) - 2024-2025
Bando di ammissione a: ECONOMIA AZIENDALE E MANAGEMENT (CLEAM) - ECONOMIA E MARKETING INTERNAZIONALE (CLEMI) - ECONOMIA E FINANZA (CLEF) - 2024-2025 - Riservato a candidati extra-UE non soggiornanti richiedenti visto
Bando di ammissione a: ECONOMIA AZIENDALE E MANAGEMENT (CLEAM) - ECONOMIA E MARKETING INTERNAZIONALE (CLEMI) - ECONOMIA E FINANZA (CLEF) - A.A 2024-2025 - I EDIZIONE - Riservato a candidati italiani, UE ed extra-UE soggiornanti

The course is managed by the Marco Biagi Department of Economics


The Degree Programme in Business Administration and Management addresses students who want to take on a management career in commercial, industrial, financial, and no-profit businesses, as well as students interested in working as self-employed professionals or start independent entrepreneurial activities. The knowledge and skills gained during the degree programme may be flexibly adapted to several placements and needs required by the job market. In addition, in order to enable choices meeting each student's personal preferences, the Degree Programme gives students the opportunity to tailor their study path. The Degree Programme provides for training internships (300 hours) in public and private companies, both on a national and international level.

Programme contents

Business Administration and Management provides all teachings required to gain both a theoretical and practical sound managerial background. In the first part of the degree programme, the fundamentals of business, law, economics and mathematical-statistical disciplines are acquired. The second part is designed to develop skills in the various disciplinary fields of management and finance, and gain the tools required to enter the job market or further continue the study career. Students will be able to further explore the aspects relating to programming and control, corporate treasury and finance, organisational and employee management methodologies, and marketing techniques. This knowledge is required to start management programmes in any business and organisation, or to start one's own business.

Job opportunities

Business Administration and Management is for students willing to acquire the tools and skills that are necessary to understand and solve business management issues. Thanks to the several application experiences, graduates are skilled to work in Italian and international businesses of various sizes, auditing firms, consulting companies, banking groups and financial intermediaries, professional studies, public institutions, and no-profit organisations. Graduates in Business Administration and Management also gain the mindset and tools to be entrepreneurs of their business and start entrepreneurial activities and start-up companies. The knowledge acquired allows them to successfully attend Master's degree programmes of the Department or other Italian or foreign universities or vocational master programmes (1st level).

More information

Course Director:
Prof. Alessandro Giovanni Grasso
tel. 059 2056981
Tutoring delegate:
Dott.ssa Lara Liverani
tel. 059 2056913