Marco Biagi Department of Economics

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Foro Boario
via Jacopo Berengario, 51
41121 - Modena (Italy)
tel. 059 205 6711

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Prof. Tommaso Fabbri


The Department of Economics Marco Biagi of Modena (formerly the Faculty of Economics) has since July 2012 integrated the functions of research and teaching. Founded in 1968, the Faculty rapidly established a reputation for having prestigious teachers and for providing a high quality education. Since January 1994, the Head Office has been situated in the building of the Este "Forum Boarium". Its reputation in research and teaching, both at undergraduate and post-graduate level, and its promotion and consolidation of initiatives, have enabled the Department to develop opportunities for collaboration with the main economic and institutional bodies at local, regional, national and international level.
The Department has a wide network of international relations, which allows students to take advantage of an extensive network of international relationships for research purposes. It also cooperates with many foreign universities established through the auspices of the European Union (such as Erasmus and LLP). Students have the opportunity to attend courses at universities in both European and non-European countries, and to undertake internships at foreign companies and institutions. The Department has experienced an increase in the number of foreign students. It also has close relationships with the business world. The Department also promotes and manages internships using an established network of contacts with business associations, individual companies, professional firms, government agencies, foundations, national and international institutions. In this way, the Department offers opportunities for both its undergraduates and graduates to enter into the job market. In 2011, more than 60 percent of graduating students took advantage of an internship experience, many in European and non-European countries. The Department’s links with the business world are reinforced and maintained through events, with the participation of former graduates.

Services and facilities

All activities take place at the premises of the Forum Boarium and Viale Fontanelli. The Department has numerous classrooms, two computer labs, two language labs and learning spaces equipped for study in small groups. All classrooms are equipped with computers and streaming video recorders, which also favour the inclusion of students with disabilities and dyslexia. Some areas of the Department have Wi-Fi connection.
The Department offers a number of services, and provides advice and individual assistance to both Italian and foreign students alike. It also possesses a library which boasts an outstanding collection of economics texts which is updated regularly.
The Library, named Sebastiano Brusco, contains more than 230,000 volumes and over 4,000 periodicals, to which it has a regular subscription to 1,000 titles. It also subscribes to 250 electronic journals and other databases. It has a reading room with 320 seats (with Wi-Fi connection) and 20 computers for on-line consultation of electronic journals and databases in the University network. In addition to traditional lending and consulting services, the Library offers an interlibrary loan service nationally and internationally and document supply. The Library also offers assistance for using databases.

Computer labs and Language labs

The Department has two computer labs for teaching and research fitted with 90 computers and two language labs with 70 seats for teaching and practising students’ foreign language skills.

Not only studying

The Students' Office is an important point of reference for the active participation in university life. A film club, student newsletters, social activities, sports events along with festivals are promoted by the university students and their organisations.

Degree Courses for the a.y. 2024-2025

Bachelor's Degree programmes

Accesso Programmato Business Administration and Management
Accesso Programmato Economics and Finance
Accesso Programmato International Economics and Marketing

Master's Degree programmes

Accesso Libero Data analysis for economics and management
Accesso Libero Economics, Public Policy and Sustainability
Accesso Libero Financial Analysis, Consulting and Management
Accesso Libero General Management and Consulting
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero International Management
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Labour Relations

More information

More information about the dipartments are available on the italian page.