Technology / Bachelor's degree programme
Computer Engineering - Mantova

General information for the a.y. 2022-2023

Disciplinary areaTechnology
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Libero No limited access
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations


The Degree Programme in Computer Engineering takes graduates to a future filled with information technologies, which will increasingly need professionals capable of designing and managing systems and smart environments, hyper connected enterprises, and a society characterised by increasingly autonomous smart devices that will be soon launched in the market. Despite the growing demand for such skills by the job market, no degree programmes offer an in-depth vertical analysis of such themes. Therefore, the Programme represents a unique opportunity for graduates to be suitable in the job environment of the next decades and to allow companies to successfully face the innovation challenges arising from a manufacturing world which is increasingly competitive on a global scale.

Course content

The study subjects focus on basic topics that are typical of engineering and specific for IT Engineering, mainly dealing with the design and development of software and IT services, the architectures of calculators and IoT devices, the systems and cloud platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, safety by design of systems and industrial products. All these subjects involve a significant percentage of exercises and practical activities in multiple laboratory activities at the facilities available in the Mantua campus. Students' training is completed with Information Engineering subjects, integrated by those of Industrial Engineering such as industrial design, smart manufacturing and industrial management to operate in increasingly automated and flexible modern manufacturing contexts.

Career options

You will become an IT Engineer with a training that will allow you to understand all IT aspects in its multiple sectors. You will be able to integrate directly into the job market, also thanks to the relations with the company in which you will have the opportunity to apply for a training internship. You can also complete the preparation by enrolling in the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering in Modena or in another national or international university. The IT pervasiveness in all sectors give our graduates the opportunity to find a job in multinational or regional IT companies, in international consultancy companies, in public administrations and in all national and international medium-large manufacturing companies. You will also be able to undertake an entrepreneurial activity, with just a few simple investments, such as an innovative start-up business in the technological sector.

More information

Course Director
prof.ssa Claudia Canali
prof. Marko Bertogna

The course is managed by the "Enzo Ferrari" Department of Engineering