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Prof. Massimo Borghi


In July 2012, the Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari" of Modena integrated the functions of research and teaching of the former Faculty of Engineering and the Departments of Materials Engineering and the Environment, Information Engineering and Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The resultant single organisational structure now combines the educational objectives of the existing faculty with its research activities, in both the theoretical and applied fields, and facilities the technology transfer developed by the previous Departments and Interdepartmental Centres associated with them.The reputation of the teachers and of the study programme provided by the Department has been firmly established over the past two decades, and continues to grow, contributing to the creation of a lively and fertile range of initiatives. Teaching, research and technology transfer are the cornerstones of the new Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari", which is based at the new Campus of Engineering, Via Pietro Vivarelli 10, Modena.

Services and facilities

The current location of the Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari" is built on an area of 160,000 square meters, and meets the latest guidelines for teaching and research: a modern university campus, which includes 18 classrooms, 11 laboratories and an extensive library called "Enzo Ferrari", is available to all students and faculty members. There is also a language laboratory to meet the increasing demands of internationalisation.

A close relationship with the working environment

Through its Internship Office, the Department promotes and manages the provision of internships, using a well-established network of relationships with business associations, individual companies, professional firms, government agencies, foundations, national and international institutions. Of particular importance with regard to the implementation of the agreements with trade associations, and with individual companies, is the focus on the achievement of the students’ primary learning goals, as well as on the development of an effective relationship between the University and its business partners.
The Internship Office of the Department performs today a number of business contacts of more than 800 units and has about 400 active Conventions.
The Department also organises an annual event, ENGINEERS @ MO, which provides the Modena area with a day of meetings for students, recently qualified engineers, and the business world, which acts as a valuable source of information and contacts for undergraduates and graduates who are about to enter the labour market.

A wide network of international relations

The Department has access to an extensive network of international contacts. It cooperates with many universities throughout the European Union (thanks to projects such as Erasmus and LLP) and outside the EU, in various projects and activities. Students not only have the chance to attend courses at universities outside of Italy, but they also have the opportunity to undertake internships in foreign companies and institutions. The Department has also experienced a substantial growth in the number of foreign students enrolled on its courses.

Research and higher education

The teachers and researchers of the Department have always been very active in research, both in the international arena, participating in European Union prestigious scientific projects, and in the national arena, engaging in scientific projects of national interest (PRIN), and research based projects (FIRB), both at regional and local levels, through established and recognised partnerships with the leading companies of the area.
The University offers four master’s degree courses and two PhD research programmes in "Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)" and "High Mechanics and Automotive Design & Technology" which are undertaken in collaboration with various international research partners, adding to the strength of the courses on offer.

Technology Transfer

A further strength of the Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari" is its development of relationships with the administrative bodies of the region, in particular, in fields such as logic of cooperation and synergistic development. The Department also offers support for activities in the areas of technology transfer and the creation of university spin-offs and start-ups.

Degree Courses for the a.y. 2024-2025

Bachelor's Degree programmes

Accesso Libero Civil and Environmental Engineering
Accesso Programmato Computer Engineering
Accesso Libero Computer Engineering - Mantova
Accesso Programmato Constructions and Territorial Management
Accesso Libero Electronics Engineering
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Human centered medical system engineering
Accesso Programmato Mechanical Engineering
Accesso Programmato Vehicle Engineering

Master's Degree programmes

Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Programmato Advanced Automotive Engineering
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Artificial Intelligence Engineering
Accesso Libero Civil and Environmental Engineering
Accesso Libero Computer Engineering
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Programmato Electric Vehicle Engineering
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Programmato Electronic Engineering for intelligent vehicles
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Electronics Engineering
Accesso Libero Materials Engineering
Accesso Libero Mechanical Engineering
Corso tenuto in inglese Accesso Libero Sustainable Industrial Engineering
Accesso Libero Vehicle Engineering

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