Technology / Bachelor's degree programme
Constructions and Territorial Management

General information for the a.y. 2022-2023

Double study qualification with Università degli studi della Repubblica di San Marino

Disciplinary areaTechnology
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Programmato Limited access, see call for applications
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations
Call for Application / Short list Ammissione al Corso di Laurea professionalizzante di Costruzioni e Gestione del Territorio per l’anno accademico 2022/2023- Avviso per procedura di assegnazione di posti vacanti
Graduatoria di ammissione al corso di Laurea professionalizzante in Costruzioni e gestione del territorio. A.A.2022-2023 II Edizione
Bando CONCORSUALE per l’ammissione al Corso di Laurea professionalizzante ad accesso programmato in Costruzioni e Gestione del Territorio (classe LP-1)- II Edizione - ANNO ACCADEMICO 2022-2023
Extract of the Call for applications to the Bachelor's Degree Programme in CONSTRUCTIONS AND TERRITORIAL MANAGEMENT (Class LP-1)
Bando CONCORSUALE per l’ammissione al Corso di Laurea professionalizzante ad accesso programmato in Costruzioni e Gestione del Territorio (classe LP-1)- ANNO ACCADEMICO 2022-2023


The job-oriented Degree Programme in Constructions and Territorial Management (degree class L-P01) offers an adequate mastery of scientific and technological methods and contents by acquiring specific professional skills and competences required in the field. The main feature of the Programme is to ensure, even by means of extra-university teachings entrusted to external experts and professionals, a balanced level of knowledge/competencies/skills required to work as self-employed professionals as technical experts in the construction, infrastructure, and environmental protection sectors. This modern professional figure may be associated with the graduate surveyor, as identified by the recent EU regulation on intermediate professions (MD 446/2020). The Degree Programme qualifies graduates as professional surveyors.

Course content

The training of graduate surveyors needs several cultural and technical components relating to constructions, valuations, topography (essential and classical areas of the profession), without forgetting the basic concepts. The professional internship is strictly included in the degree programme, in order to better link it to the training activity and reduce the time for graduates to enter the job market. The first year is dedicated to basic subjects, along with topography and construction materials. The second year offers contents of construction science, urban planning, accounting, environmental sustainability, law and energy with various workshop activities. The third year includes valuations and curricular internship.

Career options

The purpose of the Programme is to train - in the sector of constructions and civil and rural infrastructure - a polyvalent technical figure, versatile and with a strong focus on the use of the most modern technologies. Graduates will achieve a suitable level of training in reference application subjects and a solid wealth of operating knowledge that is essential to operate independently in several fields, including drawing up building practices, technical specifications, maintenance plans, technical drawings and legal surveys; project management in design studies and construction companies; structural and architectural design and management of works and manufactured goods for the construction sector; monitoring and structural diagnostics; topographical surveying and cadastre management and update; estimate valuations and work accounting.

More information

Course Director
Prof. Sergio Teggi
proff. Angelo Marcello Tarantino, Luca Lanzoni

The course is managed by the "Enzo Ferrari" Department of Engineering