Science / Bachelor's degree programme
Natural Sciences

General information for the a.y. 2022-2023

Disciplinary areaScience
Duration 3 years - 180 Credits
Admission Accesso Libero No limited access
Language Taught in Italian
Teaching method Lectures
Regulation Main Teaching Regulations


If you actively experience contact with nature and observe the landscape around you with attention and curiosity, this is the Degree programme for you! The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Natural Sciences trains professional naturalists. It offers a modern and comprehensive cultural education oriented towards a systemic view of the natural environment, described and interpreted through the application of the scientific method. The Bachelor's Degree in Natural Sciences prepares students for surveying, classifying and interpreting the abiotic and biotic components of natural ecosystems and provides the scientific basis for formulating proposals for the management, conservation and improvement of natural systems.

Course content

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Natural Sciences offers an inspiring atmosphere with an excellent teacher/student ratio. The main purpose is to train graduates to operate in the complex reality of natural environments and climate change, where several factors interact, through a profile with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. The description of biotic and abiotic components, their interactions, and the understanding of the ecosystem processes are investigated in order to learn from the past, interpret the present and design a sustainable future. Internships in parks, nature reserves, museums, educational centres or in organisations involved in the conservation of natural assets offer students the opportunity to enter the world of work.

Career options

The Degree in Natural Sciences trains students to professional jobs such as Environmental control Technicians, Agronomists and forestry Technicians, Specialised Guides, Teachers in vocational training and similar, Museum and library Technicians and similar. It allows students to register in professional orders and to exercise the relative professions: order of architects, planners, landscape architects and conservators, Section B - planning sector (title of junior planner); order of biologists, Section B (title of junior biologist); Agrotechnician and Agrarian Expert. The degree in Natural Sciences allows access, with no credit obligations, to the recently established UNIMORE Master's Degree in Didactics and Communication of Sciences (LM-60), which represents a consistent continuation of the three-year degree programme, as well as other science and technology- related Master's degrees. It also allows access to university vocational master programmes (1st level).

More information

Course Director
prof.ssa Annalisa Ferretti
prof. Maurizio Mazzucchelli

The course is managed by the Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences