Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences

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41125 - Modena (Italy)
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Prof. Gianantonio Battistuzzi


The Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences combines the best expertise in the chemical and geological fields such as environmental protection, assessment, protection and recovery of the environmental, geological and cultural heritage, research and characterisation of geomaterials, archaeometry, hydrogeology, modeling of geodynamic processes and their global and local effects, green chemistry, sensors, research in the field of molecular magnets, the traceability of food products, the application of computational methods in the search for new drugs and materials, bioinorganic chemistry and functional organic materials.
Today, attention to the environment, energy conservation and the enhancement of resources, both natural and synthetic, is becoming an engine for economic growth, and the contribution that can be made by chemical and geological sciences to the business world has become crucial. The Department may make available to public bodies and companies a wide range of expertise, technical and professional advice in order to aid the discovery of solutions for complex problems' will work. The Department is equipped with the latest technology and has long collaborated with numerous companies and public and private entities.
The Department offers three three-year degree courses in: Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Natural Sciences respectively and two Master’s degree programmes in Chemical Sciences and Geological Science and Technology. Teaching is often centered on practical activities which are related to real world problems. The excellent relationship between teachers and students is a source of added value to the quality of the courses offered. The Graduate Schools within the Department (which are among the best classified in the Ateneo) are proposed as centres for advanced training for graduates who want to pursue research activities for a higher qualification in chemistry and geology.
National surveys show high levels of employment of new graduates from the disciplines of chemical and geological science and high levels of satisfaction with the degree programmes offered and the training acquired. Low levels of fallout in the workplace have also been recorded. In fact all of the graduates interviewed stated that they would follow the same degree programme again and that the skills acquired during their studies were useful for their professional careers.

Degree Courses for the a.y. 2024-2025

Bachelor's Degree programmes

Accesso Programmato Chemistry
Accesso Libero Geological Sciences
Accesso Programmato Green and sustainable chemistry
Accesso Libero Natural Sciences

Master's Degree programmes

Accesso Libero Chemical Sciences
Accesso Libero Didactic and Communication of Sciences
Accesso Libero Geosciences, Georisks and Georesources
Accesso Libero Quaternary, Prehistory and Archeology

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